Monday, August 27, 2012

We Can Build a Mars Rover But...

America needs high-speed rail access throughout the country and mass transportation in all metropolitan urban areas, like every other major nation. We also need to replace the automobile industry, which is based on a century-old technology, pollutes the environment, has created massive sprawl, and ties us to oil -- a commodity controlled by our enemies. The only ones benefiting from it are the oil companies and the car manufacturers. The government gives subsidies and tax breaks to the oil industry, though God knows why. It's not like they need the money; they are among the most profitable businesses in the world. Exxon reported $9.4 billion profit in January 2012 and earns $104 Million in profit (not revenues) every day! Let's use those government funds not as givebacks to Big Oil, but to build American infrastructure and employ out of work Americans.

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  1. Japan's famous train that works on magnetics is incredible, would love to see that technology duplicated here (although perhaps it is in the works and I'm ignorant of the fact lol).

    btw, would be interesting to see how many of our elected officials have substantial vested interests/stock in the Big Oil industry. And by interesting, I mean infuriating ;)