Friday, August 28, 2015

Peach Fuzz

An Excerpt from The 25th Hour (Book One in The Adventures of Mackenzie Mortimer):

Tucker folded a note and passed it down the row. Mackenzie’s eyes followed its path, horrified to see it end its sojourn through the classroom at Vanessa Carlyle’s desk. Mackenzie’s heart skipped a beat, as the teenaged heiress read the note and smiled at Tucker.

Omigod! No, this is not happening, Mackenzie thought. Tucker Bryant is not going after my girl, even if she doesn’t know she’s my girl yet. He watched Tucker wink at her. He’s trying to use his hero status to impress her. But I’m the real hero. All he did was come in at the end and slug a guy from behind. What could she possibly see in that jerk, anyway? Mackenzie studied the larger, more muscular boy, grudgingly admitting he was handsome. He glanced at the window and saw the awkward adolescent looking back at him. Junior high was such an unfair place, he thought. The hallways teemed with baby-faced kids a few months out of elementary school and others, shaving peach fuzz from their lips or preparing to drive their first car, ready to enter high school. Mackenzie was convinced somewhere in the school building was a door marked “puberty” through which each student eventually passed to attain their mature physiques. What he couldn’t understand was how someone like Tucker, his same age, had managed to cut so far ahead of him in line.

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Time is running out… fortunately, Mackenzie Mortimer has a few more minutes than anyone else!

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