Monday, February 22, 2016

The Vampires & Werewolves You Only Think You Know

 Flashbacks is the first book in my new three-volume fantasy series, Fangs & Fur. To the casual reader, it’s a collection of stories about vampires and werewolves. But more discerning readers will notice these characters were supporting characters in my four-book fantasy series, Halos & Horns. (Some might even consider it the unofficial fifth book in that saga, but Flashbacks can be read by itself.)  Each chapter showcases the origin of a prominent supernatural supporting character through a series of flashbacks.

Fangs & Fur focuses exclusively on these vampires and werewolves, delving into their origins, fleshing out their back stories, and revealing what comes after “happily ever after”.  The tales take place in various time periods and locales. The larger framing story begins shortly after the events in the conclusion of the Halos & Horns saga but the focus is clearly on the former supporting characters, told from their point of view. The book required a tremendous amount of research to be historically accurate and because the story spans several continents. I think this new series is the perfect response to those who say nothing new can be done with the vampire/werewolf genre.

Fangs & Fur Book One: Flashbacks will be published in both paperback and Kindle editions this month.

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