Friday, March 18, 2016

Lady Chiyoko - An Excerpt from Flashbacks

Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, early 2012:

Hiroko entered Lady Chiyoko’s office. She was greeted by a distinctive herbal aroma that wafted up to her nostrils from a censer on the director’s desk. She removed her shoes and walked across the tatami mats to a decorative shoji screen, which hid a futon. Hiroko fluffed the makuras on the futon and walked to a credenza on the other side of the room. An Oriental teapot and several tea cups rested atop the credenza. Hiroko poured a cup of warm blood and placed the tea cup on a serving tray, which she brought to Chiyoko.

By outward appearances, Chiyoko was an attractive Japanese woman in her late 20s. But she had been aptly named, for the “child of a thousand generations” looked the same as she had in feudal Japan, when her clan had been one of the powerful regional families of the 12th century.

“Thank you, Hiroko.” Chiyoko took the tea cup from the tray and sipped the sanguine fluid.

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