Friday, April 1, 2016

Amadi - An Excerpt from Flashbacks

The Jungles of Yorubaland, West Africa, the Present:

Síofra sighed.

Kaya gave her a sympathetic look. “I know why you’re sad.”

The sullen changeling shot her a snarl. “Ya dinnae ken anything. Yar nothing but a child, and an irritating, pestiferous one at that.”

The sanguine Japanese girl ignored her bluster. “Back in Japan, you told me changelings are immortal but that their stolen human bodies don’t last very long. You said you might get a few more years out of this one. That’s what you’re worried about, isn’t it? What happens when that body you’re using wears out?”

Síofra looked away, but Kaya had already seen the sadness in her eyes. “I’ll be reincarnated. My spirit shall transmigrate and find a home in another mortal’s body. But I dinnae ken which mortal or how long it will take. It could be years … or centuries. Asabi will have forgotten me, and even if the lad remembered me, I would nae look the same.” Síofra gave a halfhearted laugh. “Nae that it would matter; he barely tolerates me now, and then only for yar sake.”

“That’s not true. He likes you. If he knew how you felt about him…”

“What difference would that make?” the melancholy changeling asked. “Haven’t ya been listening tae what I said? Changeling energy deteriorates the host body on a cellular level. The form I’m in is due tae expire. This lassie’s body’s a walking milk carton past its ‘sell by’ date.” Síofra sipped her papaya juice. “Although, on the bright side, my next incarnation might be a creature more powerful than a mere human, yet…” Her voice trailed off, as she pictured the ebon emere.

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