Sunday, May 29, 2016

I Assume Someone Must Be Paying for All This Stuff

An Excerpt from The Tomorrow Paradox (Book Two in The Adventures of Mackenzie Mortimer):

Mackenzie continued down the penthouse corridor to Gemma’s room.

“Come in,” the clone answered his knock.

As Mackenzie stepped inside, Gemma glided across the room in a colorful outfit. “Do you like it? I printed it last night from a very exclusive set of blueprint designs. This is the sort of dress my original might wear. Quite upscale and chic, according to the fashion designer.”

Mackenzie whistled. “I can guarantee you’re the most elegant clone in the building.”

“I hope your family likes it, too. I’m not sure how this process works, but I assume someone must be paying for all this stuff when I push the print button on the 3-D printer.” Gemma gestured to three piles of clothing beside the futon.

“Judging from the house I slept in last night, I think they can afford it. Otherwise, I’ll tell Dad to deduct it from the last fifty years of allowance he owes me.”

“What’s wrong? You have a weird look on your face.”

Mackenzie shook his head. “I’m just thinking.”

“Ah, that explains why I hadn’t seen that look before.”

“Very funny. A clone with a sense of humor.”

“So, what’s floating on your data stream?”


“What are you thinking about?”

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Time is running out… fortunately, Mackenzie Mortimer has a few more minutes than anyone else!

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