Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So What's Your Opinion?

We've been having some rather active discussion on the Kindle Boards about pricing of eBooks. Some authors are pricing novels at $2.99, which is the lowest price to qualify for Amazon's higher discount. Other authors insist  that 99 cents is the best price, even though that will slice their royalties in half. Another school of thought is that readers will think a 99-cent novel must be of poor quality and will not look at eBooks priced below $4.99. And finally, there are some authors adamant that they should offer their eBooks free (No, I haven't figured out how they make a living doing that).

So, if you're an eBook purchaser, what price is your "sweet spot"? How much is too much? How cheap devalues the work? I've listened to all the authors and publishers blog about this; now I'd like to hear from you, the readers. 


  1. As a reader, I buy at all price points, depending on if I want to read that title. I've spent as little as .99 and as much as 12.99.

  2. I just jumped on the ebook bandwagon since getting my smartphone. When it comes to the price of an ebook, I refuse to pay as much,or more, for it than what I would pay for a hard or soft copy.
    Other than that, price doesn't dictate if I read it or not. I have read some fantastic free ebooks or books that were 99 cents and have read some terrible books that cost me $8.00 or more.