Monday, February 10, 2014

Priorities USA

I’m worried about Sam. He spends more money than he makes, and worse, he spends it on the wrong things. He has his priorities all wrong. Sometimes he’s overly generous, helping out strangers who live far away, while his own family goes hungry. Heck, some of that money could even be used to make our own neighborhood look a little nicer. But more often, he wastes his income by getting into senseless fights. He always claims they were self-defense, but his idea of self-defense is, he needs to attack others first before they can become a big enough threat to attack him. It’s preemptory self-defense, so he’s always fighting and people are always getting hurt and it ends up costing a lot of money. Money that could be spent at home on food and housing and our medical bills.

I worry about Sam because he’s my uncle, and when I was younger, I believe he always looked out for me. He says he's still looking out for me, but I’m not so sure. One of us has become paranoid. He’s been going through my mail, listening in on my phone calls, and snooping on my Internet browsing history behind my back. He claims he’s doing it for my own good, but I consider it an invasion of my privacy. He says he’s trying to keep me from trouble, and while my life hasn't been completely trouble-free, no one’s is, and yet, I think I managed well enough without all of his voyeuristic snooping.

Overspending, spending his income on all the wrong things, false priorities, constant fighting with others, spying on everyone…. Uncle Sam is in trouble. I think it’s time for family intervention.