Saturday, May 15, 2021

Just Published: Vampires Vs. Aliens, Omnibus Edition Vol. One

It's Omnibus Day! VAMPIRES VS. ALIENS, OMNIBUS EDITION VOLUME ONE is now available! More than 800 pages of science fiction - fantasy collecting the first three books in the hit series. This is your chance to catch up before next month's installment featuring the thrill-packed Jabari Invasion in Book Four.


Sixteen-year-old Courtney Cartwright finds herself attracted to two strangers -- not realizing one's an alien prince and the other's a 200-year-old vampire. Handsome Nicholas appears to be a typical teenage sci-fi fan but he lives in a mysterious boarded-up mansion with his unusual vampire "family" of New Bloods and Old Bloods... and the ancient Elder vampires residing in the basement. Kevian and his sister Kira are spearheading a covert alien invasion designed to steal Earth's most precious resource for their home world Hyperion. Both the vampires and the aliens require a life-sustaining fluid to survive: blood for the vampires and water for the aliens. But if the aliens succeed in robbing Earth of  its water, all life on the planet will cease to exist... including the vampires' food source.


Chills and thrills! Memorable characters, surprising plot twists, and science fiction you can sink your teeth into! Order your copy today!