Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Top TV Dramas You’ve Never Seen

There you have it. We’ve wrapped up the month of February, celebrating The Top TV Dramas You’ve Never Seen. Of course, the choices were all based on my opinion, so you may not agree, but hey, it’s my blog, lol. I hope I’ve steered you toward some dramas you will seek out and enjoy, and that you’ll click on the ancillary links at the bottom of each post to view the film clips, visit the associated Web sites, and even purchase the DVDs or watch the shows on YouTube.

In case you missed it, here’s the complete list:

  1. I, Claudius
  2. Secret Army
  3. Poldark
  4. Upstairs, Downstairs
  5. EastEnders
  6. The Fugitive
  7. House of Cards trilogy
  8. Playhouse 90
  9. Roots
  10. Garrow’s Law
  11. Los Plateados
  12. Tom Brown’s Schooldays (1973 series)
  13. Life On Mars (U.K. version)
  14. Cadfael


  1. We watched all of I, Claudius in my Latin 3 class - loved it!

  2. Hi Ricki. Yes, it's a great show. Takes about 10 minutes to get used to everyone walking around in togas though, lol. Did you see the piece I wrote on it yesterday? There's a link at the bottom to an entire episode on YouTube.