Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pandora - An Excerpt from Flashbacks

Chicago, 1923:

Pandora returned home. Poppy was asleep in her bed. The blanket rose and fell with her breathing. Pandora smiled. She approached her younger sister’s bed and bent to kiss her cheek. Her eyes alighted on Poppy’s neck. The girl’s carotid artery seemed to throb, beckoning Pandora. She bit her lip. Just a little nip, she thought. A nightcap. Poppy won’t miss it. I only need a bit; I know when to stop. She opened her mouth. Her fangs popped out, dripping saliva on Poppy’s exposed neck.

“Pandora?” The touch of the vampire’s icy cold saliva had awakened Poppy.

Her sister’s voice thrust Pandora back to reality. She felt ashamed, yet immensely grateful for the interruption.

Poppy yawned. “You were right about Carmine. I never want to see him again.”

“You won’t have to. I won’t let him hurt you.” She touched her fangs. “I would never let you be hurt, Poppy.” Pandora brushed her sister’s face. “Go back to sleep, dear.”

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