Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amber Ware Is Here!

Back in 2007, I launched my first Young Adult novel (mercifully out of print) at the Miami Book Fair. As you can see in the photo below, we had printed special Amber Book Company T-Shirts to draw attention to our booth. It worked too well: nearly everyone drawn to the booth inquired about buying the demo shirts and few were interested in the actual books (on the display table, below the shirts). If everyone who tried, unsuccessfully, to buy the Amber logo T-shirts had purchased my novel, it would have been a best-seller.

We've worn the shirts at various events, and over the years created some prototypes for internal use: a great tote-bag with the Amber logo on one side and all of our books on the reverse, and a super-sized coffee mug adorned with Amber's smiling face. Sometimes, we've given away promotional items (like the refrigerator magnets with the cover of Randoms) at book signings but, most of the time, I have to tell fans the promo items are not available for sale. (Then, I hint the books, however, are, lol).

Yet, I keep getting asked for Amber T-shirts and other merchandise so, through affiliation with the good folks at Cafe Press, I'm pleased to announce a new line of "Amber Ware". If we had limited it to clothing, we'd have named it "Amber Wear", but we've added some really cool wares besides shirts. As I type this, I'm sipping out of my Amber Coffee Mug and staring at my Amber Totebag, which I never leave home without. Seriously, the totebag is incredibly durable and holds a lot of books! (It's even been to the beach!) I'm easily spotted on airplanes because the versatile Amber Totebag is always one of my carry-ons.

You can see the entire line of Amber Ware (and we'll be adding to it regularly) at the Amber CafePress store or by clicking the Amber Ware tab at the top of my blog.

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