Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Pandora Chronicles

After four years – and four annual volumes – the first arc of the Halos & Horns fantasy saga has come to a close. Halos & Horns followed the story of an angel and a demon on the lam from their respective realms (Heaven and Hell) who take human guise and settle in Las Vegas as private eyes. Their tale has ended… but along the way, they crossed paths with a wide array of unusual and interesting supernatural characters. Among them, were two vampires: Sharon Mordecai, an 18-year-old runaway and her slightly older BFF, Pandora.

Sharon shared a mysterious psychic bond with Pandora, but that wasn't the only mystery surrounding the carefree party girl with a penchant for getting into trouble whom she had befriended. In fact, Sharon realized she knew nothing about the strawberry blonde vampire’s past, not even her true age. And although readers came to know Sharon and Pandora through their adventures, how they met was never revealed… nor was how Sharon or Pandora became vampires. Until now.

This preview of the upcoming Fangs & Fur fantasy series reveals the poignant yet humorous origin of the happy-go-lucky, trouble-prone vampire Pandora, from the four-book Halos & Horns fantasy saga. The Pandora Chronicles is a 9,800-word novelette that serves both as a perfect jumping-on point for new readers in advance of the forthcoming Fangs & Fur series, and to whet the appetites of readers of Halos & Horns asking "What comes next?" Join Pandora for a tale of vampires, gangsters, and speakeasies; the Blitz and wartime sunken ships; and disco fever. See how Pandora met her BFF Sharon Mordecai and learn the secret of the psychic bond they share, in this new eBook novelette. All this, and get change back from your dollar!

Click below to start reading The Pandora Chronicles right now. Then, in six months, learn the origins and further adventures of the other vampires and werewolves from Halos & Horns in Flashbacks, the first book of the three-book Fangs & Fur fantasy arc.
The Pandora Chronicles

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