Friday, January 22, 2016

The Question You’re Dying To Ask

Since I’m hard at work writing a new novel, I’m going to turn to you to help me crowd source next month’s blog columns. Send in your questions on any topic for me to answer in upcoming blog posts. Ideally, I’d love to respond to questions about my books –
both published and forthcoming – but I’ll be happy to discuss the craft of writing or any of the myriad of topics we’ve visited on this blog since it began in March 2011.

I realize many readers may be hesitant to participate because of privacy concerns, so unless you specifically ask to have your name used, I’ll publish your questions anonymously in Q&A format. If you do wish to have your name appear in the blog, you may also include your city, state, and country. However, I won’t list email addresses because there are scrapers that collect addresses from websites to put on spam mailing lists. I’ll include links to your website if it’s pertinent to the topic of your question, or your personal website, but not for people just trying to get web traffic to their business.

Please send all questions to “KeithBDarrell (at)” rather than asking them on Facebook, GoodReads, or any of the other individual sites to which this blog is syndicated, so all the questions will end up in the same place.

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