Friday, February 26, 2016

Fangs & Fur – A Bold New Fantasy Series to be Published Next Week!

Nest week, Amber Book Company will publish Flashbacks, the first book in my new fantasy series, Fangs & Fur. You may recall my four-volume fantasy series Halos & Horns in which a demon and angel on the lam from their respective realms find refuge in Las Vegas disguised as private eyes. The series had a large cast of supporting characters, including some vampires and werewolves. While they played an integral part of the story, we never really learned where they came from or what happened to them after the saga had concluded.

Fangs & Fur focuses exclusively on these vampires and werewolves, delving into their origins, fleshing out their back stories, and revealing what comes after “happily ever after”. Flashbacks picks up after the events in the Halos & Horns series, but each chapter showcases the origin of a prominent supernatural supporting character.

Pandora’s a carefree party girl who just happens to be a vampire. With her best friend Sharon Mordecai, a hybrid vampire; her boyfriend Cody Fenris, a werewolf; and Cody’s sister Lupe, who transforms into a wolf, they run Nightstalkers, Inc., a private detective agency. Pandora and Sharon also belong to Nosferatu, Inc., a worldwide corporation set up to provide relocation services for vampires, who cannot remain in one place indefinitely, lest the “breathers” question why they never age. Other Nosferatu members include 10-year-old Artemus, the boy vampire; ex-KGB operative Valentina Petrovna; the maladroit, claustrophobic vampire Claude Gauthier; the vagrant “trampire” Seamus Callaghan; and the corporation’s international board of directors: Lady Chiyoko in Japan, Callum in Australia, Isra in Dubai, Amadi in Africa, Magda in Hungary, and its CEO, the mysterious human known only as Remick.

These tales in Flashbacks shed light on their dark pasts while sowing the seeds for the next two books in the Fangs & Fur trilogy. They can be enjoyed as individual vampire and werewolf stories, or read by Halos & Horns fans to learn more about the characters populating that saga, or viewed as the prologue to the story unfolding in the Fangs & Fur trilogy.

The first chapter explains the mysterious psychic bond between Pandora and Sharon Mordecai, how Sharon became a vampire, and how and when Pandora became one. In one chapter, we learn how Artemus became a 10-year-old vampire; another reveals Valentina’s involvement with Rasputin in czarist Russia; and yet another examines how Claude became a clumsy vampire too claustrophobic to sleep in a coffin. Even the mysterious human Remick has a secret origin revealed in Flashbacks. The stories take place throughout different eras and locales: Chicago in the Roaring Twenties; London during the Blitz; 17th century Ireland; World War II France; present-day Japan; 18th & 19th century Transylvania; 19th century Switzerland; 20th century Dubai; present-day West Africa; present-day Australia; and present-day New Mexico, Las Vegas, and New York. All the back stories are told through flashbacks – as the characters move forward with their lives, the reader learns how each of them became who and what they are.

Once relegated to the background of the Halos & Horns fantasy saga, these vampires and lycanthropes have their own stories to tell. Reserve your copy of Flashbacks and become reacquainted with the vampires and werewolves you only think you know!

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