Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Callaghan - An Excerpt from Flashbacks

The Otherworld (Realm of the Fae), October 1607:

 The Morrigan laughed. “Even assuming the magical anchor is still near the British Isles and a gateway could be opened, what delusional thought process leads you to believe your actions so far would give me the slightest confidence in you?” She gestured with one of her feathered arms and the dullahan was incinerated. Flakes of charred flesh floated to the floor. Staring at the pile of ash, the Morrigan called out to her couchant goblin servants. “Bring a broom and a dustpan.”

Another goblin approached her timorously. “Mistress, you have visitors.” The goblin took two rapid steps back.

The slender goddess spun around. “Visitors?”

“A clurichaun and a mortal. They seek an audience. Shall I admit them or turn them away?” The goblin trembled, not knowing what to expect from the mercurial goddess.

The Morrigan smiled. “How delightful. By all means, send them into my chamber. And bring two more dustpans.”

The acquiescent goblin scurried away, only to return moments later, with Callaghan and Flannigan.

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