Friday, April 8, 2016

Callum (& Pandora) - An Excerpt from Flashbacks

Off the Australia Coast, the Present:

Back on the deck, Pandora interrogated the men. “I’m looking for my friend. She’s a Gypsy, looks a bit older than me, more tanned, not quite as hot.”

“We’re just simple fishermen,” Donahue lied. “We haven’t seen any women.”

“Strewth, mate!” his companion exclaimed. “You know her mate will tell her different when he comes up from the hold. Look hun, there was a sheila we met in Africa who we gave a lift to. Brought her all the way to Oz at no charge, ‘cause we’re  really nice blokes. But she fell off the side of the boat and became crocodile bait. Now if you don’t want the same to happen to you, then I suggest you leave now.”

“Zip it and help me throw her overboard before her mate comes back.” Donahue lunged at Pandora.

The strawberry blonde vampire dodged to one side and sank her fangs into Donahue’s neck, draining his blood in seconds. She tossed his bloodied corpse over the railing and turned to his friend. He pivoted to flee, but Pandora leapt onto him, ripping his throat with her trenchant fangs. She slurped the last ounce of his blood from him and lugged his lifeless body to the bulwark, heaving it over the side of the ship. She gazed into the blue waters below at the blurry white forms surrounding the two bodies in a feeding frenzy.

Callum came up from the hold and belched. He was carrying two large sacks filled with  rhino horns and elephant tusks he had stumbled upon. His eyes followed Pandora’s gaze to the turbulent, and now crimson, waters below. “Great white sharks. The Aussie national fish. Impressive creatures, aren’t they?” He looked around the deck. “Where are our friends?”

Pandora scrunched her nose and grimaced. “They slipped.”

Callum gazed back into the water. “I see.” He turned to Pandora. “I saw signs that your mate, Lupe, was held captive in the hold. But it looks like she escaped, perhaps wounded.”

Pandora sighed. “They fed her to the sharks. We had our differences, but we were becoming friends. Lupe didn’t deserve to go like that.”

“No one deserves to cark it like that.” Callum gazed back into the ocean at the vanishing remains of the pair of slave traders and smugglers. “Well, hardly anyone.” He paused. “I’m sorry about your cobber, mate. I’m sure she was a fine sheila.”

Pandora grimaced. “I don’t know how I’m going to break the news to Cody. He and his sister were incredibly close.” Pandora noticed the sacks Callum was holding. “What’s in the bags?”

“We can’t leave their ill-gotten gain behind. Have you any idea how much these horns  would go for on the black market?”  Seeing the disapproving look on Pandora’s face, Callum added, “Naturally, I’ll have to turn them over to, ahem, the proper authorities.”

The Vampires & Werewolves You Only Think You Know!

  Fangs & Fur, Book One: Flashbacks

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