Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Fangs & Fur Omnibus Edition

JUST PUBLISHED! The perfect jumping on point for new readers to the Halos & Horns fantasy saga, The Fangs & Fur Omnibus Edition is the second story arc in the series, focusing on the vampires and werewolves introduced in the first arc. Learn their origins, which span the continents and the ages; then follow the adventures of the supernatural private eyes of Nightstalkers and the vampires of the global corporation Nosferatu, Inc.

Pandora's a carefree party girl who just happens to be a vampire. With her best friend Sharon Mordecai, a hybrid vampire; her boyfriend Cody Fenris, a werewolf; and Cody's sister Lupe, who transforms into a wolf, they run Nightstalkers Inc., a private detective agency. Pandora and Sharon also belong to Nosferatu, Inc., a worldwide corporation set up to provide relocation services for vampires, who cannot remain in one place indefinitely, lest the "breathers" question why they never age. Other Nosferatu members include 10-year-old Artemus, the boy vampire; ex-KGB operative Valentina Petrovna; the maladroit, claustrophobic vampire Claude Gauthier; the vagrant "trampire" Seamus Callaghan; and the corporation's international board of directors: Lady Chiyoko in Japan, Callum in Australia, Isra in Dubai, Amadi in Africa, Magda in Hungary, and its CEO, the mysterious human known only as Remick. First introduced in the Halos & Horns fantasy saga, these vampires and lycanthropes have their own stories to tell.

All three novels in the Fangs & Fur story arc - Flashbacks; Nightstalkers; and Nosferatu, Inc. - have been collected in one huge omnibus edition. A perfect companion to the Halos & Horns Omnibus, this volume is 7x10 like its predecessor and features brand new cover artwork and an interview with the author. Clocking in at just over 600 pages, The Fangs & Fur Omnibus fills the gap between the previous Halos & Horns story arc and the forthcoming The Age of Magic story arc.

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