Sunday, September 20, 2020

Just Published: Warriors & Wizards

"In The Age of Magic, Anything is Possible."

314 pages.

Paperback (Amazon)
Paperback (Barnes & Noble) 

Taking place 15 years after the conclusion of the Halos & Horns story arc, The Age of Magic marks Lucifer's return to the series but much of the story follows the next generation: the children of Samantha (witch) and Lucifer (demon) Cypher; Pandora (vampire) and Cody (werewolf) Fenris; and Kita (kitsune) and Reggie (mortal) Forster. Alaric Cypher spends his summer before starting college in Japan with the family of the kitsune Kita, where he finds love and danger. Lucifer travels back to the ancient land of Thenesia to aid the barbarian King Caliban and the wizard Balthazar in their fight against the Dark Gods. Bartholomew follows twins Quinn and Ursula Fenris through a dimensional portal to the Otherworld, where the Morrigan is preparing for final battle with Hecate, the goddess of all witches. A traitor is discovered at Nosferatu, Inc., and Asabi returns to Siofra after Alterverse... but in a dramatically different form.

*** Book 9 in the Halos & Horns fantasy series *** Book 2 in The Age of Magic story arc ***

Available in paperback, Kindle  and EPUB e-books.

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