Friday, May 10, 2024

JUST PUBLISHED: VVA Book 8 - Fishing with the Amoeba Guy

 JUST PUBLISHEDVVA Book 8 - Fishing with the Amoeba Guy

302 pages.

The Hyperions have left Earth but Gaunt and his family of vampires face other threats, both alien and supernatural. The blood-sucking Nightcrawlers are indomitable alien symbionts, as deadly as they are unstoppable. Body-snatching Void Wraiths are amoeba-like aliens from a micro-scopic dimension targeting our world. Ancient vampires from other planets reside on Earth, as do home-grown werewolves, witches, and geomancers. Even humans, like government security agencies, corrupt politicians, and wealthy entrepreneurs pose a threat to the vampires.

In Book 8, Fishing with the Amoeba Guy, teenage werewolf Benton Cartwright makes new high school friends and powerful alien and supernatural enemies. The vampires search for Gaunt, whose blood is being used to synthesize a drug that gives users the attributes of vampires.

Available in Paperback, Kindle, Ebook Google Play, Audiobook

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