Monday, June 3, 2024

The Adventures of Mackenzie Mortimer Omnibus Edition - AUDIOBOOK

Young Adult Science Fiction


  The Adventures of Mackenzie Mortimer Omnibus Edition

Collecting the entire trilogy in one volume! The 25th Hour; The Tomorrow Paradox; and All the Time in the World.

Mackenzie Mortimer is a typical junior high geek. He’s shy, awkward, a bit clumsy, late with his homework, and always late for class. There’s never enough time to do everything he needs to do; after all, there are only 24 hours in a day. But when Mac finds his grandfather’s pocket watch buried deep inside a trunk, he discovers his days have an extra hour. According to the eccentric inventor’s journal, the pocket watch can add up to 60 minutes to a single day by freezing time around whomever holds the watch and presses its button.

Time is running out... but fortunately, Mackenzie Mortimer has a few more minutes than anyone else.

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