Wednesday, February 10, 2016

E-Storybooks on the Move

More than five years ago, I coined the phrase “eStorybook” for individual short stories published in eBook format. I made them available for purchase in Kindle format through the website but at that time Amazon wasn’t set up to handle short stories. Amazon prohibited me from offering my e-Storybooks for less than 99 cents – which I felt was too much to charge for a single short story – and its pricing structure was such that any e-book price at less than $2.99 yielded only a 30 percent royalty for the author. So my readers were paying a dollar per story while I was receiving only 30 cents. It was not a good arrangement for either myself or my readers. Amazon was reaping 70 percent of the proceeds for merely hosting the files, profiting from overcharging my readers and under-compensating me.

I’m pleased to announce that my e-Storybooks are migrating from Amazon to a new home at Payhip. If you’re reading this on, simply click on the eStorybook tab to see the current selection of e-Storybooks now available on Payhip. If you’re reading my blog on a syndicated site, follow this link instead -

I have 40 e-Storybooks available at Payhip so far and will be adding new ones throughout the year. At present, all of my e-Storybooks are in MOBI format and can be read on Kindle e-readers, Kindle for PC, and on your iPhone with MOBI apps.

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