Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creatures of the Night

In Paved With Good Intentions, Keith B. Darrell's 2009 debut humourous fantasy novel, readers were introduced to wickedly funny assortment of angels, demons, witches, warlocks, vampires, and even a golem. Little did they realize he was laying the groundwork for the next wave of paranormal characters they'll meet in And A Child Shall Lead Them, Book Two of the "Halos & Horns" series.

Meet Asabi, a teenage boy who, as an emere can travel between Earth and the Heavenly realms at will; Siofra, a young Irish changeling who skins cats when she's bored, Cory Fenris, a young Gypsy cursed as a werewolf and his sister Lupe, who can turn into a wolf at will; Cassiopeia, an angelic ingenue; Kaya, a Japanese girl destined to become a dreaded hypnalis - a woman who shapeshifts into a human devouring serpent; Ó hAirmheadhaigh, the pookah; Kita, the Kitsune fox spirit; the baku, a Japanese creature that devours dreams and nightmares; the Dark Gods, eldritch abominations so bizarre their true visage drives men mad, the Shadow People, dark souls denied entry to the afterlife who appear as shadow-like creatures seen mostly in peripheral vision. Did I mention the gremlins?

Halos & Horns: Book 2 ... It's always better the second time around!

Softcover edition. 362 pages.