Friday, May 27, 2011

An Excerpt: Meet Cody Fenris

Lupe saw Lamia advance on them, and she growled before leaping onto the creature. The demoness swatted the wolf with a single blow and Lupe was sent flying across the alley.

Cody turned at the growl, in time to see his sister smacked in mid-air and now sprawled motionless on the ground. “No!” he cried, as his blood vessels constricted in anger. His heart raced and his body responded, triggering the transformation not due for at least another hour. He doubled over in pain, and Pandora watched, as her boyfriend’s body grew larger, bursting out of his clothes. Cody’s face contorted, as his body jerked in frenetic spasms. His jaw elongated and fangs ripped through his gums as the dreaded foul taste returned, permeating his mouth. His skin bristled as the wolf fur forced its way to the surface. Then, Cody felt the adrenaline rush. He was filled with a surge of raw, bestial energy. His mind clouded over. He pushed Pandora aside, not knowing who she was, and caring less. The werewolf was filled with rage. He did not recall its genesis, but some vestigial instinct told him the creature he faced was his enemy. He did not care why; the werewolf was satisfied to have any outlet for its fury. He lunged at Lamia, ripping into her with his razor-sharp claws.

Halos & Horns: Book 2 - And A Child Shall Lead Them ... It's always better the second time around!

Softcover edition. 362 pages.