Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Excerpt: Meet Samantha Twitch

A tiny bell tinkled, as Samantha Twitch opened the wooden door to the curio shop and stepped inside. The shop was cloistered off a side street in an area few visitors to Copenhagen ever saw. The old man behind the counter did not look up as she entered. Samantha could not tell if he was ignoring her or merely hard of hearing.

“Absalonis.” She spoke his name in a loud voice, announcing her presence.

The old man gazed up from an amulet he had been studying. “Oh, it’s you. You look different.”

“I was pregnant the last time I was here.”

He nodded. “And the babe?”

“Safe, in the care of a friend. Were you able to procure what I asked for?”

Absalonis walked the length of the counter and knelt. His gnarled fingers turned the dial on a floor safe and he withdrew an object wrapped in a velvet cloth. “This was quite difficult to track down. I had to barter several scarce artifacts for it.”

“The spell I gave you in exchange shall make you a wealthy man, Absalonis, so spare me the sob story.”

“It would, had I the last line of the spell.”

Samantha handed him an envelope. Absalonis grasped it, but she did not release it. She directed her gaze to the velvet prize. “May I?”

He passed the wrapped object to her and she relinquished the envelope.

Samantha unfurled the cloth and stared at the black marble rectangle.

“Don’t know why they call it a Druid Box. It doesn’t open. But my procurer swore to me that it was what you wanted.”

Samantha smiled. “It is.” She rewrapped it and placed it in her purse. “Enjoy your newfound wealth, Absalonis.” She pivoted and headed toward the door.

“Wait!” Absalonis cried.

Samantha turned. “What?”

“Tell me, just to satisfy my curiosity, what is it?”

Samantha gazed into the old man’s questioning eyes. “A map.” Then, she turned and left.

Halos & Horns: Book 2 - And A Child Shall Lead Them ... It's always better the second time around!

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