Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

Demon or Warlock? That was only one of the questions lingering in the minds of readers of Paved With Good Intentions, Keith B. Darrell's debut humourous fantasy novel in 2009. "'Who's the father?' was probably the question I was asked most about Paved With Good Intentions," the author admits. "Then they would ask about the sequel, and I would reply, 'What sequel?' I thought it was over." Readers disagreed.

Other questions remained. Was Sharon truly cured of her vampirism? If her memory had been wiped clean, why did she utter Pandora's name? Would Samantha and Lou ever be reunited? Would Mordred seize control of Nosferatu, Inc.? Was there something more sinsister to Julian and Angelique, the mysterious Ward siblings? What had the Dreamwalker shown the angel Gabriel to make him betray his friend Lucifer and keep him from the woman he loved? And what woud be the ultimate consequences when the father of Samantha's unborn child was revealed?

On May 25, the wait is over! And A Child Shall Lead Them, Book Two of the "Halos & Horns" series, answers these questions and more! From the deserts of the Middle East to Stonehenge in England; from the towering Manhattan skyscrapper office of Nosferatu, Inc. to the mystic Old Stone Mill in Newport, Rhode Island; from Bardsey Island off the Welsh countryside of Gwynedd to the pagodas of an ancient village in the Kyoto Prefecture of Japan; from the gates of Heaven to the depths of Hell; and from the nightmare realm of the Dreamscape... the answers unfold.

Softcover edition. 362 pages.