Sunday, May 29, 2011

An Excerpt: The Devil gives the demon Lucifer a task

The Devil was seated on his ivory throne, grasping the human skulls of his armrests. He rose from the throne of bones and stood on his furred, faun-like feet. “Thank you, Asmodeus. You may go. I wish to speak to Lucifer alone.” The tri-headed demon bowed and retreated.

“Lucifer, your time amongst the mortals makes you an ideal candidate for this mission. I will provide you with a glamour to appear as the wizard Balthazar. I shall send you into the past, where you shall meet Caliban at the start of his reign and protect him until you can locate the real Balthazar and free him. If you succeed, I promise there will be a promotion in your future.”

“So all I have to do is pretend to be a wizard, befriend some barbarian king, protect this mortal from a Dark God and her followers, rescue a kidnapped sorcerer, and… did I leave anything out?”

“Did I mention the Serpent Cult?” the Devil asked, stroking his chin. “The Nagá worship a hypnalis as their high priestess. Along with the Shadow People, they serve the Dark Gods as well, in that era.”

“Right. Man-eating snake creature and two-dimensional dark souls denied entry to the afterlife. You know, Asmodeus really deserves a promotion a lot more than me.”

“You’re too modest, Lucifer.” The Devil grinned and tossed him his pitchfork. “Catch!”

Reflexively, Lucifer reached out and grasped the trident. As soon as he did, he vanished.

Halos & Horns: Book 2 - And A Child Shall Lead Them ... It's always better the second time around!

Softcover edition. 362 pages.